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Supersonic Gabions & Mattresses

GABIONS are rectangular wire cages filled boulderfill and used as retaining structures or surface protection against erosion and scouring.

It is made from flexible heavily galvanized double-twisted wire mesh to withstand deformation without failure which makes it suitable even for soft grounds. The boulderfill gives the structure permeability that eliminates build up of hydrostatic pressure behind retaining structures. For more corrosive environment PVC coated wires are used.

MATTRESS is a thinner version of the gabion but with wider area of coverage and is used where height and bulk are not needed. It is commonly used as riverbank linings and beds where scouring is heaviest.

Only the finest materials are used matching those produced by international gabion manufacturers. As a result, Supersonic Gabions are widely accepted by consultants and government authorities.



Supersonic Gabions & Mattresses tolerates differential settlements without breakin. It deforms or bends without loss of structural efficiency unlike conventional structure.


Hydrostatic pressure does not develop behind the gabion structure because water drauns through it. Its ability to combine drainage and retention functions makes them ideal structures for slope stabilization.


A gabion or mattress is a heavy monolithic, gravity unit, able to withstand earth thrust. Its efficiency increases with age when silt and soil collect in the voids and vegetation establish itself on it.


Gabions and mattresses are more economical than rigid or semi-rigid structures due to the following reasons:

  1. Little maintenance is required
  2. Gabion structure is simple and does not require skilled labor to install
  3. Minimum foundation preparation is required since the surface needed to be only reasonably plane.
  4. No drainage provision is required as gabions are naturally permeable.